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Roman Blind Kits

Roman blinds are a hugely popular type of blind

DIY Roman blind kits are a fantastic way to stamp your own style on your windows, giving you the freedom of choice from a huge range of fabrics and also a huge sense of satisfaction when you see your very own creation hanging proudly from the windows.

Each kit contains a pre-corded headrail, bars, weighted bottom bar, velcro and roman blind tape –everything you need to make your very own Roman blinds, including extensive instructions on how to make Roman blinds. At prices starting from a mere £12.99 for a full kit, excluding the fabric, creating a Roman blind could not be easier – simply choose your favourite fabric and get creative!

Not sure about making your own blinds? We also stock a huge selection of ready made Roman blinds in a range of colours and textiles. Take a look at our extensive range of ready made blinds and see if you can’t find what you’re looking for at unbelievable prices.